Cuban Government Maintains Campaign Against Property Rights, Religious Liberty

Radio Marti released a follow up report on June 26 discussing the current status of a request for precautionary measures that was submitted by Poblete Tamargo LLP on May 20th to the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights on behalf of Reverend Yiorvis Bravo Denis and the Apostolic Movement in Cuba.

Despite the submission of the precautionary measures, Cuban authorities have continued harassing and intimidating the pastor and church members. Reverend Bravo Denis’ home, which is also used as a church, is under threat of confiscation by the government. The government-sponsored harassment is part of a larger campaign to restrict religious liberty and property rights in Cuba.

Since at least 2007, the members of the Apostolic Movement have been targeted by the Office of Religious Affairs (ORA) of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. The previous leader of the Apostolic Movement had been a prisoner of conscience until he was granted political asylum in the United States just a few years ago. Now, Reverend Bravo Denis, the current leader of the religious movement, is also dealing with the very same issues as his predecessor.

Immediately following the broadcast on Television Marti, on June 30, Cuban Government officials intercepted Reverend Bravo Denis at the Airport in San Jose as he was preparing to go to a conference in Peru. Marti Noticias covers the most recent government interference and explains that the government officials prohibited the Reverend from traveling because of the claims that he is a debtor of the Cuban State for the property in Camaguey. The article on Marti Noticias, and the most recent developments are available here.

The European-based NGO, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has been working with the movement on this matter for many years, in addition to other various cases of religious persecution throughout Cuba. To learn more about their campaign visit CSW’s website, here.  The broadcast highlighting this story, aired on June 26, is available on the Television Marti website.

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