UPDATE 7-The Continued Unlawful Detention of Nizar Zakka

220px-Logo_of_the_U.S._Office_of_Foreign_Assets_Control_(OFAC)On April 13, the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC“) issued a notice that several Iranian entities would be sanctioned for human rights violations. The press release states:

“OFAC also designated the Tehran Prisons Organization and Sohrab Soleimani, a senior official within Iran’s State Prison Organization, in connection with serious human rights abuses in Iran. These designations are pursuant to E.O. 13553, which targets serious human rights abuses by officials of, and persons acting on behalf of, the Government of Iran since the June 2009 Iranian election.”

The following statement was issued on behalf of Mr. Nizar Zakka and his family by Mr. Zakka’s attorney in the United States, Mr. Jason Poblete following this release;

“By imposing economic sanctions on Iran’s State Prison Organization and Sohrab Soleimani, President Trump is reminding Iranian officials that the act of unlawfully holding Americans, U.S. Legal Residents, as well as persons from other nations, hostage comes with consequences. Human rights abusers will be held accountable.”


The updates to the Treasury Department’s SDN List can be found hereThe press release by OFAC titled “Treasury Takes Action to Target Serious Human Rights Abuses in Iran” can be found here.

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