Thanksgiving Day Message from Nizar Zakka: Hostage in Iran’s Evin Prison

The following is a Thanksgiving Day message to his family, friends, and other supporters from Mr. Nizar Zakka, a hostage being held in Iran’s Evin Prison:

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends and the American people for their support, without their support I would have never been able to survive this mental torture that is being inflicted on me by these terrorists that have kidnapped and took me hostage for almost 800 days now, and has kept me away from my family on this special day.

I really hope the international community, my native country, and the security council will pay all necessary measures to make sure this pain and suffering I am enduring will not happen to any human being again. The only reason this act of terrorism has been repeated regularly for the past 40 years is due to no serious punishment being made by the international community against these hostage takers.

Furthermore, no one will be able to deprive me of my freedom of expression I would rather die than speak against my beliefs and conviction. I have spent my entire life advocating for Freedom of expression and information, I will stick to what I live for and no terrorist can scare me since I am willing to give my life for my values that I was raised on and raised my lovely sons on.

Finally always keep in mind only criminals and terrorists take hostages.

God Bless us all.

To learn more about Nizar’s case, please visit here. For a copy of U.S. Congressional Resolutions that recently passed in both the House and Senate about hostages in Iran, including Nizar, visit here.