Nicaraguan Authorities May Be Abusing Legal Processes to Intimidate Opposition Leaders in Jalapa Nueva Segova

Last week attorneys with the Global Rule of Law and Liberty Legal Defense Fund (Fund) were contacted by Nicaraguan attorneys and civil society leaders about an incident of violence associated with local elections in the municipality of Jalapa of Nueva Segovia. You can read about the matter here.

According to local leaders who contacted the Fund, authorities are using the color of law “as a weapon to intimidate residents and finish consummating fraud in the recent municipal elections.”

Mr. Nelson Cortez, attorney for three of the ten civil society leaders being unlawfully detained or pursued by Nicaraguan officials issued a statement after judicial proceedings were allegedly postponed because of a power failure.

Fund Attorneys will continue to monitor the situation as well as support. Mr. Cortez and other members of the defense team.  Mr. Cortez’s video statement is embedded below: