UPDATE 22- Zakka Family Appreciates Efforts By President Trump & U.S. Congress

Statement on the Trump Administration’s Efforts to Secure Release of Hostages in Iran

Zakka Family Appreciates Efforts By President Trump & U.S. Congress

The following statement was made by Nizar Zakka’s attorney in the United States, Mr. Jason Poblete following the announcement of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA:

“After a briefing yesterday with a senior Trump administration official on the JCPOA decision, statements made thereafter, and other briefings we’ve had with U.S. government officials, I’m confident that much is being done by the Trump administration to help to secure the unconditional release of Americans, US LPRs, and others unlawfully detained in Iran. Mr. Zakka and his family deeply appreciate all the U.S. efforts to successfully resolve this humanitarian matter. It’s time for Iran and other stakeholders to do the right thing and release Nizar who should be home with his family, not in Evin.”

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