Repression Continues in Nicaragua, GLA Meets With Nicaraguan Lawyers

(Alexandria, Virginia) Yesterday Global Liberty Alliance Chief Counsel Jason Poblete met with officials with one of the leading human rights lawyer groups in Nicaragua, the Permanent Commission of Human Rights, better known by its Spanish acronym, the CPDH.

CPDH Director Marcos Carmona, Esq. and CPDH Executive Director Denis Darce, Esq. are in Washington, D.C. this week to meet with fellow lawyers and human rights defenders to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Nicaragua.

Earlier this year representatives with Nicaragua’s other leading legal human rights defenders in Nicaragua, the Nicaraguan Pro-Human Rights Association, better known by its Spanish acronym ANPDH, visited with the Global Liberty Alliance in Alexandria, Virginia to discuss similar concerns.

ANDPH officials met with GLA in March 2019
GLA Chief Counsel Jason Poblete & CPDH Director Marcos Carmona, Esq.