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The Global Liberty Alliance started working on this matter in January 2017. For many years the Apostolic Movement of Cuba has struggled to worship freely in Communist Cuba, in part, because it refuses to register with Cuba’s Office of Religious Affairs. The ORA is the equivalent of a religious police whose officials closely monitor all activities of all religious groups in Cuba.

Photo from Reverend Yiorvis Bravo Denis of the Apostolic Movement in Cuba.

A U.K.-based NGO, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, has highlighted religious persecution cases in Cuba, including the various attacks and arbitrary arrests of Apostolic Movement of Cuba leaders. In addition to targeting Church leaders, the Cuba ORA has also been forcibly removing Movement leaders from their homes and home churches.

On May 20, 2015, attorneys representing the Apostolic Movement of Cuba submitted a Request for Precautionary Measures with the Organization of American States (OAS), Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

The media and Congressional interest generated by advocacy efforts provided some relief to the Apostolic Movement; however, members continue to live in fear of Cuba’s religious police and may still be evicted from their home.

Foundation lawyers and supporters will continue to advocate for the Apostolic Movement of Cuba and other groups and persons in Cuba persecuted for their religious beliefs.

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