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556504_10152215942594937_1758834109_nMr. Roberto Bendaña McEwan was falsely accused by Nicaragua’s Sandinista government of various crimes because he dared to call for free and transparent elections in Nicaragua including a clean up of the voter rolls in that country.

Warned of the impending politically motivated show trial against him, Mr. Bendaña with the help of friends, and what is left of the free press, as well as honest members of the police who sympathized with his situation, fled Nicaragua and arrived in the United States in December 2013.

On or about January 2, 2014, Nicaragua abused the INTERPOL processes by requesting a Red Notice based on false charges. An INTERPOL Red Notice is a device that alerts law enforcement agencies around the world of an outstanding arrest warrant.

His legal team has submitted a great deal of information to clear his name and requested that they permanently remove him from the INTERPOL systems. To this day the government of Nicaragua continues to violate INTERPOL’s Constitution and Regulations by using the INTERPOL lists and systems for political purposes rather than for legitimate law enforcement matters.

Mr. Bendaña McEwan’s legal team in Nicaragua and the United States has made repeated efforts to clear his name in the corrupt Nicaraguan judicial system, however, those legal maneuvers have been blocked by Nicaraguan officials. For example, he was tried in abstentia, a violation of Nicaraguan law. His defense lawyer of choice in Nicaragua was removed from the case, again, in violation of Nicaraguan laws. These and other violations of due process are well documented and his legal team will continue to fight to clear his name and hold those accountable who, rather than serve the cause of justice, have abused and broken laws to do wrong.

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