Mauricio J. Tamargo

Mauricio J. Tamargo is a recognized authority on international law with particular expertise in international claims law and claims against foreign sovereigns, such as Iraq Claims, Cuba Claims, and Libya Claims. He has testified before the House Natural Resources, House Armed Services and Senate Judiciary Committees regarding claims and other legislative issues. Tamargo left the Department…

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Terry T. Campo

Terry T. Campo founded the Law Offices of Terry T. Campo in 1988. Mr. Campo has represented clients before the Supreme Court of the United States, the District of Columbia and the State of Illinois. In his appellate law practice, he authored the brief of Americans for Tax Reform and the Illinois Alliance for Growth in U.S.…

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Frank M. Mendez

Frank M. Mendez is a Senior Specialist Attorney with the South Florida Water Management District where he represents the District in all phases of negotiation, litigation and administrative actions. His areas of expertise include administrative law and rule making, Sunshine and Public records, negotiating and drafting multi-million dollar public and private contracts, construction litigation, public procurement,…

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Working Groups

Coming Soon. Organized by geographic regions, Working Groups are comprised of lawyers, legal scholars, and civil society leaders and groups interested in advancing the rule of law and defending fundamental liberties. In addition to supporting cases, Working Groups members host meetings, conferences, and may engage in other capacity building efforts.

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